Team Setup

AI / AA team development roadmap (size, profiles, roles, recruitment, and selection.


Assessment of analytical opportunities and construction of a value capture roadmap.

AI Driven Revenue

Neural Design will supports the development of new AI-based revenue streams

Construction & Empowerment

Continuous support in the development of analytical capabilities and value capture from AA opportunities

Our Value Offer

At Neural Design we offer multiple services tailored to our clients’ needs.

Data Strategy Design

We guide our clients to make the most of their data using Advanced Analytics and artificial intelligence to create valuable solutions for the business.

We focus on understanding how the organization operates and how it visualizes itself, to design the ideal path to become a data- and later, an AI-driven company. 

We help our customers identify AI-related opportunities, design the ideal team to capture the value of those opportunities and find the ideal data infrastructure to make this happen.

The type of services we provide in this phase may come in different formats such as:

  • 1-Week AI Assessment: High-level data and AI/Data strategy design for startups / VCs (investing in a particular startup)
  • 3 to 6-Week AI Detailed Assessment: Detailed data and AI/Data strategy revision for medium/large companies
  • Design of data/AI strategy, diagnosis of AI-driven opportunities, and value capture roadmap 
  • Detailed data/DS/MLE team diagnosis and recommendations
  • Detailed data infrastructure evaluation and recommendations
  • Board of Directors & C-Level Workshops

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Construction Of AI Based Solutions

We ensure continuous support in the development of data engineering, and data science capabilities, and throughout the value capture process of Artificial Intelligence opportunities within the company.

Depending on the opportunities, the company’s maturity level, and internal capabilities, we will provide the ideal support to assure that our Clients will take advantage of the identified opportunities and create tangible value from its data.

The type of services we provide in this phase may come in different formats and could have specific goals such as:

  • Development of internal artificial intelligence capabilities
  • Ideation of new revenue streams (Data monetization models / New data-based verticals)
  • AI team set up (Resources, size, skillset)
  • Staffing solutions (Recruiting and Talent Acquisition for data and AI resources)
  • Team enabling through customized trainings, and workshops
  • Data evangelization in the Board of Directors & C-Level Workshops