In this episode, we will talk to Miguel Gallego about the transformation of large corporations and non-native digital organizations to adopt new strategies focused on data and analytics. Miguel shares his perspective on the advantages and challenges he has faced from his experience and his vision of how these companies can make better use of their data to take their processes to the next level.

Miguel is currently a Senior Advisor at ADVISIA Analytics in Brazil, a consultancy that seeks to transform organizations by making data-based decisions. Prior to his current position, Miguel was the Director of Data Science, Innovation and Martech at Ipiranga, the second-largest fossil fuel distribution company in Brazil. He was the Head of CRM, Pricing, and Commercial Strategy Development at DIA Group and Director of CRM and Consumer Insights at Carrefour, among other positions in this company.

Miguel is an industrial engineer from the Universidad de los Andes and has an MBA from ESEUNE Business School in Spain, and has multiple studies in business and management.


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