In this episode of Collective Intelligence, we talk with Agustin Caverzasi about the importance of developing specialized talent in Artificial Intelligence, data science, and all related fields to boost the technological capacity of the region. Additionally, Agustin shares his opinion on traditional education and how EdTech platforms have allowed for filling the knowledge gap that exists in the market’s needs and the applied knowledge of engineers in the region.

Agustin is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of Anyone AI, an EdTech company that seeks to close the talent gap in Artificial Intelligence in the region. Before embarking on this venture and creating this company, Agustin was also the Co-Founder and CEO of DeepVision AI, an AI-driven company focused on facilitating efficient and scalable image understanding and analysis, which worked jointly with Fortune 500 companies (such as Nvidia, Intel, AWS, among others). Additionally, he was the president of AI for IntelliSite and also a researcher for Inria in France.

Agustin is a Computer Engineer from the University of Córdoba and has developed his career with his passion for innovation, entrepreneurship, venture capital, and, of course, Artificial Intelligence.


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