In this episode, we will be talking with Frida Ruiz, a Value Based Bidding Specialist at Google, about the importance of building diverse, inclusive, and multidisciplinary teams in areas of data science and artificial intelligence to build more robust solutions in organizations. In addition, Frida shares her experiences and knowledge on how diversity can be fostered in data science teams (and in technology teams in general) and how organizations can benefit from having inclusive teams in terms of innovation, customer satisfaction, and financial performance.

Frida is currently a Value Based Bidding Specialist for Google, where she applies analytics strategies to maximize user conversion with advertising campaigns in the GoogleAds suite. In addition, Frida is a teacher at CENTRO diseño | cine | televisión, where she teaches visualization engineering, and she is also the creator and host of the AI the new sexy podcast, where she shares learnings on artificial intelligence in current industries.

Previously, Frida was a Value Centric Measurement Lead, also at Google, an instructor at Crehana, RiskMathics Financial Institute, and the “Superior Institute for Internet Development.” She also developed her career in data as a Data Scientist at Justo, and as a data analyst at Banco Santander and Distrito Emprendedor. Frida has a degree in actuarial science and finance and also has multiple studies in digital transformation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.


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