In this interview, we talk with Jaime Acevedo about one of the most talked about artificial intelligence tools on social media at the beginning of 2023, ChatGPT. Jaime will share with us what exactly these applications are and how they will be key pieces in evolving the activities we carry out on a daily basis. Additionally, Jaime shares his perception of the future of these tools and what we can do to stay ahead of these developments.

Jaime is currently a Senior Machine Learning Scientist at Neural Design, where he has led organizational transformation projects to become AI-driven in different industries and countries in Latin America. Before his current role, Jaime was an AI researcher at Rappi, specifically RappiBank, where he supported the development and implementation of Machine Learning models focused mostly on credit risk. And finally, Jaime was a Financial Analyst at Alkanza.

In his professional and academic career, Jaime has developed AI models for NLP in problems such as Information Retrieval, Q&A Systems, text generation, and Topic Modeling.

Jaime has a degree in Industrial Engineering from Universidad de los Andes and a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering focused on Machine Learning.

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