Alejandro has more than 20 years working in digital transformation, analytical transformation, innovation processes and development of strategies based on data and artificial intelligence in different industries such as: tech, banking, manufacturing and hydrocarbons. Today he is the Head of Data for the Colombian FinTech OmniLatam.

Before joining the OmniLatam team, Alejandro worked developing AI systems for companies such as Greensill, Embraco, Hyundai, Ecopetrol, Philips, the Latin American Development Bank, Department of Social Prosperity in Colombia, EPM. Alejandro has a PhD. in Interactive and cognitive studies with a double degree from the Eindhoven University of Technology and the University of Genoa and, in addition, an MSc in applied mathematics from the EAFIT University in Colombia.

In this episode we will talk about what it means to be a Data-driven organization and how to evolve this philosophy to AI-driven organizations. In particular, Alejandro shares his perspective on the mindset that teams need to make the functionalities and processes that are carried out in organizations more intelligent, beyond the development of Machine Learning models.


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